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Good Connections Are Essential

Good Connections Are Essential Whether you’re a business, a family with school-aged children, a physician and patient discussing a health report, an academician conducting research, or simply staying in touch with friends and loved ones, access to broadband directly impacts your quality of life. The pandemic [...]

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We Need Climate Resilient Infrastructure

We Need Climate Resilient Infrastructure Remember those hot days last Labor Day weekend? Who could forget! Those hot, hot days led to electricity service disruptions across the state right when we were relying on electricity to keep us cool. That meant inconvenience for some people and [...]

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EV Infrastructure

EV Infrastructure: Will we be ready by 2025? Have you seen electric vehicles (EVs) on the road and thought about getting one yourself?  You’re not the only one. With 156,698 Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEVs) registered in LA County and growing, your neighbors are rapidly [...]

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Drinking Water: LA County’s Greatest Struggle

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? The truth is, most people don't. This is because unlike roads and bridges, water infrastructure is typically out of sight and out of mind. However this hidden infrastructure is far more vast than our highway system. Furthermore its age, [...]

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