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The Dual Track Strategy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House will come back August 23 in order to pass the $3.5 trillion budget resolution, which will include human infrastructure and address climate change. She also requested that the Rules Committee determine how to advance both the budget resolution and the bipartisan [...]

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Legislative Update: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passes in Senate

Today the Senate passed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by a vote of 69 to 30. While this bill is smaller in scope than the original $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan, it includes $550 billion in new funding for our nations roads, bridges, ports, and other [...]

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Adding Drought Control to Flood Control

The Los Angeles County Flood Control District was established in 1915 after a disastrous regional flood took a heavy toll on lives and property. In addition to flood control, the District’s infrastructure plays a major role in augmenting and protecting local aquifers with storm, [...]

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How are we going to pay for all of this?

Lawmakers have reached a tentative agreement on the type of infrastructure to fund through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. However, one enormous question still remains—how are we going to pay for all of this? We Can't Depend on the Highway Trust [...]

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Survey Results and Legislative Update

Survey Results Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts about infrastructure last week. Of the 15 infrastructure options provided, roads and bridges, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, and transit were the top 3 selections. Additionally, corporate taxes were selected as the top option to [...]

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