Infrastructure Week: Recognizing National Investments in Our Future

The Los Angeles region is on the cusp of a monumental transformation, thanks to over $1.5 billion in federal investments allocated through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. This substantial funding infusion is set to overhaul local infrastructure while prioritizing environmental sustainability, resilience, and equity.

But what does this investment mean for LA residents? It’s about more than just upgrading infrastructure; it’s about improving lives. Here’s a glimpse of what this funding will support:

  • Access to Affordable Internet
  • Safer Roads
  • Cleaner Public transit
  • Improved Ports
  • Expanded EV Infrastructure
  • Clean Water
  • Home Energy Rebates

As we celebrate Infrastructure Week, let’s reflect on the significant impact these federal investments will have on our future. They represent not just a modernization of infrastructure, but a commitment to building a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable region for generations to come. Learn more about these investments through the project dashboard.

This Infrastructure Week, let’s celebrate the dawn of a new era for LA—one defined by innovation, sustainability, and progress.

Infrastructure Week 2024 West Coast Anchor Event

United for Infrastructure is hosting an Infrastructure Week 2024 West Coast Anchor Event on May 17, Friday from 9 AM – 1 PM. The event will highlight and celebrate the importance of infrastructure investment nationwide. It will feature panel discussions with industry leaders focusing on Southern California’s transportation and water sectors, as well as discussions about the 2026 World Cup and 2028 Olympic Games.

Nationwide Events

Discover over 60 additional Infrastructure Week events taking place nationwide. Explore Accelerator for America’s calendar to find events that may pique your interest.

Open Grants

Grant Spotlight: Reconnecting Communities

Reconnecting Communities is a pioneering program dedicated to promoting equity by addressing barriers to community connectivity, whether they stem from highways or other transportation facilities. These barriers can impede mobility, access to essential services, recreational opportunities, and economic development.  The Los Angeles region was awarded $150 million to fund bus enhancements, recreational facilities, first/last miles projects, and mobility hubs.

Reconnecting Belvedere Park

The construction of SR-60 (Pomona Freeway) divided the community of East Los Angeles in the 1960s, by effectively splitting Belvedere Park into northern and southern halves. What was once a unified community space now functions as two separate parks.

However, thanks to the Reconnecting Communities Program, Los Angeles County is exploring ways to rectify this division. The proposed Reconnecting East Los Angeles: 60 Green Bridge Project for Belvedere Park aims to reunite the divided park by studying the feasibility of constructing a green bridge and covering a portion of the freeway. The County will also explore further enhancements to the parks with amenities such as recreational facilities, green spaces, and artistic elements.

The project represents more than just a physical reconnection—it symbolizes a renewed commitment to community cohesion, equity, and inclusivity.