WaterSMART: Drought Response: Drought Resiliency

$55 million available for projects that improve resiliency through infrastructure improvements, groundwater recovery, decision support tools, and construction of domestic water supply projects for Tribes or disadvantaged communities. Deadline: October 31, 2023

BIL:Consumer Electronics Battery Recycling

Learn more: https://energycommunities.gov/funding-opportunity/bil-consumer-electronics-battery-recycling-reprocessing-and-battery-collection/#:~:text=Overview,batteries%20in%20the%20United%20States.

WaterSMART: Cooperative Watershed Management

$40 million available for collaborative watershed projects such as establishment of new watershed groups, restoration planning, and project design. Deadlines: December 5, 2023 and September 3, 2024

Deadline: Small Community Drought Relief Program

The intent of the Program is to provide immediate and near-term financial and technical support to help small communities survive this and future droughts. A Sub-Program of the DWR Small Community Drought Relief Program is the County Drought Resilience Planning 2023 Grants (non-competitive) to fund the establishment of a [...]