Celebrating Essential Workers

Labor day is a day to celebrate the achievements of our work force. Your efforts as essential workers in healthcare, emergency services, government, transportation, energy, waste and water management, and food and agriculture workers are what continue to keep LA County running during this pandemic.


Our thoughts are with those impacted by Hurricane Ida and the Caldor and Chaparral Fires. These extreme natural disasters are the latest proof that no one is immune to the effects of climate change.

These disasters, and many others alike, are a compelling reminder of the importance of reliable infrastructure in the lives of our communities, and the awesome responsibility public and private agencies have to protect lives and property and create safe and resilient communities for all.

Resilient infrastructure, which is capable to survive, adapt and recover, against these extreme events is just one of many tools that can reduce the impacts of climate change on our communities. We urge lawmakers to take this need for robust infrastructure improvements into consideration as they continue negotiating their two major infrastructure bills.