Resources Available During Storm Seasons

No Phase Flow Forecast

LA County is experiencing its first major storm of the season. Showers will persist into Monday evening in the mountains. Thunderstorms are not expected.
County officials have issued a No Phase Flow Forecast for all communities in the region. This means rain and watershed conditions are not anticipated to produce significant amounts of debris on streets or specific public infrastructure locations and few, if any, structures are anticipated to be endangered.

In recent burn areas, there is collaboration across multiple County and local agencies to prepare and protect communities from potential mud and debris flow. Burn areas of concern include:

• Bobcat Fire (September 2020)
• Lake Fire (August 2020)
• Ranch2 Fire (August 2020)
• Saddle Ridge Fire (October 2019)
• Woolsey Fire (November 2018)

Report Storm Related Issues

County of Los Angeles dispatchers are available 24/7 to keep communities safe. Call (800) 675-4357 (HELP) to report a storm-related issue in your area.

Preparation is Key

Los Angeles County Public Works prepares year-round for storm season and preparing in advance is the public’s best defense against storm-related emergencies:

• Develop an emergency plan and know your property’s risk factors for flooding.
• Stay tuned to local weather reports and follow the instructions of law enforcement if told to evacuate.
• Keep trash cans off the street to allow stormwater to travel freely.
• Sandbags are available at local fire stations to help protect properties. Visit to find your nearest location.

Visit for storm season preparedness resources or find related news by searching #LARain on social media.

Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness

People Experiencing Homelessness living within County flood control infrastructure and in need of shelter can access a winter shelter available throughout LA County through October 31. For more information, please call the Winter Shelter Hotline 1 (800) 548-6047 or visit LAHSA.ORG/WINTER-SHELTER.

Stormwater is a Precious Resource

From October 1, 2021 to date, Los Angeles has received 0.14 inches of rain. Our infrastructure has captured 33 million gallons, enough for 800 people for one year.

• 2021-22 Rain Year is 67% of average to date, 1% of annual average of 15.4 inches

Los Angeles County Public Works continues to carry out its mission to provide stormwater protection to the residents of Los Angeles County and capture as much rain as possible to recharge local groundwater supplies.