A lot of no’s

A lot of No's Congress ​agreed to pass a 9-week spending bill ​to avoid a government shutdown. Unfortunately, that is the only thing lawmakers could agree to last week. There will be no bipartisan infrastructure bill, no reconciliation bill, and no suspension of the debt ceiling—for now. Stop-Gap Funding Bill and Debt Ceiling [...]

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An Additional $60 billion.

Legislative Updates House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Advances $60 Billion Portion of the Build Back Better Act On Tuesday September 14, 2021 the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed by a vote of 37-29 its portion of the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that is now [...]

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Adding Drought Control to Flood Control

The Los Angeles County Flood Control District was established in 1915 after a disastrous regional flood took a heavy toll on lives and property. In addition to flood control, the District’s infrastructure plays a major role in augmenting and protecting local aquifers with storm, [...]

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